Pet Alert Card

Emergency Alert that Your Pet is Home Alone.




This Pet Alert Card and Key Tag will aid emergency personnel to contact your family or friends to care for your pet should you become ill or injured.

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Pet Alert Wallet Card

Protect Your Pet

Emergency situations are often unpredictable, so making sure the Pet Alert Card is easily found can help ensure your pets health and safety.

Who Knows To Care For Your Pets If You Can’t?

Provides Emergency Contact Info

This Pet Alert Card will aid emergency personnel to contact your family or friends to care for your pet, should you become ill or injured.

Attach Key Tag to your key ring to let authorities know of your Pet Alert Card in your wallet. 

The Pet Alert Card can easily be seen and fits neatly into your wallet.

The reverse side of the card has a writable surface to list your pets, the emergency contact information of a friend, family member or neighbor who should be contacted to care for your pet.

Fourlegged’s Tails

Your pet is part of the family. And just like any other family member, pets deserve to be cared for and protected. The first step in keeping your pet safe and healthy is to know what is normal for your pet – their gum color, heart/pulse rate, body temperature and breathing rate – so you can recognize when something is wrong.

Did you know the Red Cross has a an app for Pet First Aid? Click here: Red Cross Pet First Aid App. Here are a few great tips from their website. Read More>>

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